PMRS Statement Oct 11, 2023

PMRS calls on the international community to hold Israel accountable for their violations to human rights and international law. PMRS urges the international community to demand the cessation of the violence in Gaza and to demand Israel comply with international humanitarian laws of necessity, proportionality and distinction. PMRS calls for safe access to shelter and unimpeded access for medical and humanitarian workers.

PMRS reminds the international community that Denial of humanitarian access constitutes a war crime. Currently Israel has cut the people of Gaza off from water, food, electricity and medical supplies. Sadly this is NOT the first time.

PMRS reminds the international community that the following actions carried out by Israel over the few days and the last 75 years also constitute war crimes: 1. Unlawful killings, 2. Collective punishment, 3. Attacks on civilians 4. Use of prohibited weapons i.e. white phosphorus, 5. Forced displacement and population transfer, and 6. Destruction of property and cultural heritage.

PMRS urgently reminds the international community to the fact that the Gaza Strip is home to 2.3 millions people. It is one of the most densely populated places on earth. Its population is 70% refugees, who were displaced by Israel in 1948, and 50% children and youth. It has been under an illegal blockade for the last 16 years. Israeli authorities themselves have heinously described it as an “open air prison”.

Today almost 1000 Palestinians have been killed, 300 of them children and babies, and 240 are women. Over 5000 have been injured. 250,000 people are internally displaced and trapped in a place that has no infrastructure. Over 22,000 homes destroyed. 10 clinics and 1 hospital destroyed. 48 schools obliterated.

Silence is complicity. Silence is violence. Silence won’t end the ongoing cycle of violence and it won’t end the illegal occupation and apartheid. We ask that the international community uphold the covenants of international law and humanitarian law that we all hold so dear. PMRS stands for the human rights of all. We stand for justice and peace. We stand for collective action to bring about said justice for the Palestinian people. We ask you to stand with us too and call for an end to the longest occupation in history.