PMRS enables Persons with Disabilities to work, and they succeed

They did not give up, but rather faced up to their challenging situations, and worked as rehabilitation workers, proving that disability does not mean inability.

They are Amin Al-naizi and Haifa Naim, bachelor graduates from University College of Applied Sciences, majoring rehabilitation of the disabled and have been working in PMRS for the past seven months as part the Community Based Rehabilitation program.

These two employees have been so successful at their jobs to the point that hardly anyone could tell they are almost completely blind. Despite their disability, they managed to get high marks when they graduated, and they joined the work force after passing the interviews with flying colors. They marched to the streets; facing up to their disability, met disabled people at their homes and worked with representatives of other institutions, in order to provide required service to people with disabilities.

The outcome of field and office work of both rehab workers, Naizi and Naim, were only a little different from that of their nondisabled counterparts.

They said in an interview: our visual impairment did not stop us from work or proving ourselves. It was a great challenge for us to face institutions and the society and to prove to them that this disability has not stopped us from work, creativity and realizing great outcomes, just like anyone who is not disabled.

Naim said that their work at PMRS was a challenge to all those who claimed that we were unable to work. She said she was satisfied with herself and that she has enough energy and skills that could make her fulfill her duties of providing service to the disabled.

Naizi added that his self-confidence enabled him to work normally, without feeling any obstacles at work.

They added that they continue to coordination with concerned institutions in order to provide the best service to PWDs, especially children with disabilities, pointing out that they face the same work pressure other non-disabled rehab worker go through and that they manage to achieve all tasks required.

They said that they're following up with 130 files for PWDs registered in PMRS, and in this context they stressed the important role PMRS is playing in order to help them and provide them with facilitations, and professional and psychological support.

Naizi and Naim talked about a harsh experience they had to go through at the beginning of their career when they worked for an organization which fired them claiming their inability to fulfill the tasks required from them. They later invested in an opportunity provided to them by PMRS, and they were able to prove their ability to work under difficult conditions, which was a major challenge.

Caregivers of children with disabilities consider home visits made to them by disabled rehab workers as a unique service, and together they all provide service to the children in a complete humanitarian image of work provided to children with disabilities.

On his part, Mustafa Abed, coordinator of the CBR program in PMRS, said that his organization, and through granting work opportunities to those persons, is implementing the regulations of the disabled law no. 4 which stipulates that 5% of employees should be from the disabled population.

He added that the percentage of people with disability working in PMRS exceeds 7% of workers, pointing out that PMRS is keen on strengthening the role of employees with disabilities and treating them without any discrimination.

Abed pointed out that the experience of rehab workers Naizi and Naim, is a successful experience which is encouraging to hire more people with disabilities, explaining that they do all their tasks and professional requirements, including difficult ones.

He stressed that PMRS was, and still is, a helping factor, and it sees that these two employees are most capable of sending positive messages to people with disabilities in the society, pointing out that the experience of those rehab workers came as part of a project to support society colleges and NGOs working in the field of rehabilitation.


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