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It is the vision and ultimate target of PMRS to provide the highest level of psychosocial health care for all Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt). Through a variety of psychosocial services, PMRS works to foster sound mental health and positive social environments in each and every community we work in.
Through high quality standards, driven principles, nurturing environments, and the development of civic and psycho-social skills necessary to function productively in the present-day world community, it is PMRS mission to cultivate and advance mental and social health in all Palestinian communities throughout the oPt..
1- To provide public psychological counseling services in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with a particular focus on treating stress induced illnesses arising from the political climate and its inherent social circumstances.
2- To increase workers' experience in medical primary health care regarding psychiatric illnesses, recognizing and treating problems and adopting transferred measures.
3- To raise public awareness regarding psychiatric illnesses and their prevalent nature within Palestinian society due to severe socio-political context and climate of the region.
4-To conduct studies and research related to psychosocial conditions via partnerships with local civic institutions (governmental & private). Such cooperation cooperation will allow PMRS and local psychosocial professionals to outline psychosocial policy regulations in addition to creating a close-knit lobbying network.

What We do:
1. Collective psychological intervention for group counseling.
Through the formation of counseling groups in West Bank and Gaza, stripe with cooperation with he local organizations of the local institutions.
2. Individual intervention
Through PMRAS medical clinics by professional and trained staff on dealing with these cases and individual intervention, beside home visits, monitoring and supervising by psychologist.
3- Training and Educating
Through training courses for doctors, health workers  and Medics  about psychosocial skills and psychological debriefing.

Why Psychosocial?
Where the aid of individual takes place to reach balance through counseling , supporting , self-construction and establish  the balance with the surrounding environment, psychosocial comes to challenge the Palestinian environment to lead him/her towards an idea  or interests. If s/he couldn't do that, s/he needs to make  an equalization of  balance for protecting his/her entity , continuity and for using his/her  abilities to adapt with the surrounding environment .
Based on  the  qualitative health to all and on the belief of the Palestinian Medical Relief society to lead the Palestinian individual to the highest level of  mental  health and to promote the highest level of growth in the social, emotional , mental and physical domains , psychosocial program is  developed to meet all the mentioned needs. Therefore, the  most important functions that mental  health program carry out is developing the Palestinian individual and  facilities  all his/her life's elements, for confronting  daily life challenges and overcome the obstacles .
Get to Know the Psychosocial Program:

Individual affects by social, cultural, economical, religious and environmental aspects. The effect of these aspects vary for one to another, depending on his/her biological , genetic nature or  his/her age. One reaches balance with him/herself or  his/her surrounding without any obstacle. Other  needs intervention for helping him/her to make  balance with his/herself or with the surroundings. So that , individual be helped to reach this balance through counseling , supporting and build self-esteem. This balance happens  by challenging  the surroundings , adopting an idea or  by compromisation.
Family, school and society, workplace and country regulations form the surroundings which affect on the individual's balance. Therefore, psychosocial program in PMRS targets all  society's  categories ( men, women, children, teenagers and teachers ) especially one who suffers from psychological , behavioral or social problems and to promote psychosocial for Palestinian to be an active and effective person to build his/her country. 


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